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Creature of Fear is a story of growth, wrestling demons, and facing fear. For Jess Lambert this story involved crumbling relationships, self-discovery, and facing the realities of mortality with the diagnosis of a brain aneurysm in her twenties. In time, chaos and vulnerability gave way to strength, understanding, and determination in the face of fear and the uncertainty of life. This four song EP is a glimpse into and through the struggle… a reminder of what was, and hope for what can be.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Jess Lambert’s music often mimics the shifting and moody tones of her natural surroundings. With heartfelt songs full of raw personal emotion and gripping melodies, Jess Lambert creates a sound that may best be described as moody alternative-folk.

Jess stepped on a stage for the first time in October of 2009 at High Dive-Seattle after a booking agent found her music on Myspace. The following year she opened for indie artist Jeremy Messersmith. In April of 2011, after months of struggling with headaches and facial pain, Jess was diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm. She was forced to set music aside and focus on her health and the treatment of the aneurysm. In February 2012 she returned to music and began performing again.

In 2013, Jess began recording her first EP. She decided to undertake the recording process, which would allow her to create at her own pace. After a few scrapped beginnings, the recording process was finished in late 2014.

Creature of Fear was released independently on September 25, 2015.

In January of 2017, Jess began experimenting with new material and sounds, and decided to begin a new chapter with her music under the moniker of HER SILO. Visit the new home for Jess's music:


Jess Lambert

Jess Lambert

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  • "Jess Lambert’s style is pure. She pours out her heart for her listeners totally and completely. The structure of the songs is simplistic folk, but the messages seem to transcend genre. In a world with so many “sounds like” comparisons, it’s really hard to pin down a vocalist with quite the vocal tone of Lambert."
  • “What’s impressive about Creature of Fear is not necessarily the strength of the lyrics, the ease of the song structure and the smooth, silky vocal performance; it’s Lambert herself, in her entirety, pouring out raw emotion like she’s been doing this all her life.”
  • "The best part of what we do is being invited into stories from the heart. With a voice that echoes through all the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, Jess Lambert proves that she is no Creature of Fear but a survivor in every sense of the word. We are not defined by our challenges but how we rise up and imprint on others with the very best of who we are."


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